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Landon Thompson

Began with Testify on September 25, 1999, Baritone

Full Name:  Landon Douglas Thompson
Date of Birth:  April 25,1978
Siblings:  Brother - Matthew
Birthplace:  Jackson, MS
Hometown:  White Oak, MS
Spouse:  Heather Thompson
Anniversary:  April 28, 2001
Children:  Audrey Grace - March 5, 2003;  Lana Kate - February 11, 2008
Nickname:  Landrum
Parent's Names:  Larry & Joy Thompson

Landon became very popular in the state of Mississippi at the early age of 4.  Landon's parents took him all over the state where he performed the ever-loved "He's Still Working On Me" at tent revivals.  While growing up,  Landon sang with several groups from Mississippi, including The Watchmen and  The Gospel Echoes.  Landon was given a full time position with Testify on September 25, 1999.


Favorite food:  French Fries and Lots of Ketchup (Heinz of course)
Favorite restaurant:  Peking Chinese Restaurant, West Monroe, LA
Favorite colors:  Brown
Favorite song:  "God Walks the Dark Hills"  The Perry's
Favorite store:  Gap
Favorite hobbies:  Anything to do with playing on a computer
Favorite singers:   Larnelle Harris
Favorite group:  Lordsong
Favorite cologne:  B&BW Woodland
Favorite TV show:  ER
What would you be if you weren't a recording artist?  Radio & Television
Person who influenced you the most:  My mother always pushed me to sing!

Landon's Photos


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